Dear Nomad, Below are the conditions for using the Nomad Community Service. Please read them carefully and approve them by clicking on the "Accept" key. Failure to accept these conditions will prevent us providing the service.

1- Defining the Service
The Nomad Community Service will be provided to users who file a request in this sense by completing the specific registration form -----

2- Details of privacy in the Nomad Community
We wish to inform you that your personal data will be processed in conformity with Italian law no. 675 dated 31/12/96 and subsequent supplements and amendments on the protection of individuals and other entities with respect to the processing of personal data and especially in the way described below

Details provided in accordance with Italian law no. 675/96:
In conformity with article 10 of the aforementioned law, you are hereby informed that the personal data provided by you or otherwise acquired during the course of our activities may be processed, in compliance with the aforementioned regulations. The owner of processing is 01srl Colle S. Agapito, 5 -00039 Palestrina (Roma) Italy. The detailed list of the persons appointed to process data and of third parties to whom such data may be notified is available, following a written request of the User, from the offices of 01 srl. The personal data provided by you are stored in a computer in encrypted form, processed, notified and diffused, including with the aid of electronic or automated means directly and/or through third parties for the following purposes:

1. purposes relating to the execution of operations relating to the provision of the requested service. Such operations may also be performed by third parties appointed from time to time, without any communication or diffusion of the data themselves for purposes other than those strictly tied to the provision of the requested service.

2. the sending, by Nomad Community only and at the same time as the fruition of the requested service, of advertising/informative/promotional material belonging to Nomad Community or third parties, with notification or diffusion to such third parties of the data in question, including through the use of e-mail and brief text messages (SMS).

In the event of these two purposes not being approved, use of the requested service will not be possible.

Pursuant to art. 13 of Law no. 675/96, you are entitled at any time to know your data and how these are used. You are also entitled to have such data updated, changed or cancelled, to ask for these to be blocked and to oppose their processing. To exercise the rights prescribed by art. 13 of Law no. 675/96, as summarised above, please send a written request to 01srl Colle S. Agapito, 5 -00039 Palestrina (Roma) Italy

Exposure of personal details: Please be informed that in the services listed below, the e-mail address will be visible to other users: forum, virtual board, i world.

Protocol File: In order to upgrade and customise Nomad Community offers on the web protocol, the following information is required: Ip address, type of browser, time.

3 - General conditions for using the service

Obligation of the User
In accepting these conditions, the User undertakes to provide the data requested for registration. Such data must be truthful, complete and correct. In using the service, the User undertakes to comply with the behaviour regulations shown in "Netiquette", with which he/she declares himself/herself acquainted and which he/she accepts.
Without prejudice to the above, the User also undertakes not to use the service for unlawful purposes, for sending viruses or molesting, slanderous or defamatory messages. The User undertakes not to send advertising messages, chain letters or "spam", obscene or vulgar messages or messages that infringe the rights of third parties. The User is aware and accepts that - if he/she fails to comply with these rules - and without prejudice to any further rights of Nomad Community, the latter shall be entitled to suspend or interrupt the User Service without notice and to refuse any future request to use the Service on the part of the User, as well as to eliminate all information and/or contents not in conformity with these conditions.

Conditions for use
a. The User agrees to allow Nomad Community to use, reproduce, show, distribute, including only partially, in every shape and by any means, the material and/or contents received without the User being entitled to any consideration and in compliance with the aforementioned rules covering privacy.

The User shall not be entitled to transfer the use of the Service

The User undertakes to hold 01 srl harmless (including from any legal costs necessary for the defence of same)) from any claims by third parties against 01srl and/or associated companies and/or management of the above, following unlawful behaviour and/or behaviour in contrast with these conditions.

Changes in the general conditions for the supply of the service
Nomad Community reserves the right to make unilateral changes and/or add supplements to the service supply conditions at any time and without notice through publication in the site itself. Nomad Community further reserves the right to change the services without notice on a temporary and/or permanent basis and/or to interrupt the activity, without this entitling you to any rights or indemnity and/or payment of damages.

Nomad Community declarations
Because Nomad Community contains links to other sites, resources and service partners, it expressly declines all liability with respect to the availability and contents of such sites, resources and service partners, including products and/or materials advertised on Nomad Community sites, and cannot in any way guarantee the services and/or products available for purchase and/or usable through Nomad Community. In this respect, Nomad Community hereby declares that it does not control in any way the information, products and services provided by third parties.
Nomad Community cannot assume any liability for the contents of messages and information divulged through chat lines, forums, mailing lists, databases. Furthermore, Nomad Community cannot guarantee the technologies of its services. Finally, Nomad Community cannot accept any liability for the loss of data and/or information.

Having taken note of the aforementioned conditions for Service and Information use, I hereby accept these and express my consent for the processing of the personal data provided by me exclusively for purposes related to the provision of the requested service, as well as to receive, along with such service and only through Nomad Community, advertising material and/or messages of the 01srl and/or third companies, without my data being notified or divulged by the latter. Unless I give such approval, I shall not be entitled to used the service.


Proper and ethical use of the web services
Below is a brief summary of the basic "netiquette" principles that everyone is obliged to comply with.
1 - On reaching a new newsgroup or e-mail distribution list, it is best to read the circulating messages for at least two weeks before sending your own messages around the world: this way you can acquire an idea of the subject and how it is addressed in that community.
2 - Any message sent should be concise and describe the problem clearly and in a direct way. Always briefly and clearly specify the subject (Subject field) of the text in the mail. If a signature file is used, keep it short and clear.
3 - Do not digress from the newsgroup subject or e-mail distribution list.
4 - As far as possible, avoid broadcasting your message to numerous mailing lists (or newsgroups). In most cases, one and only one mailing list exists that represents the correct addressee, and which includes all and only the users who are actually interested.
5 - In replying to a message, highlight the main parts of the original message, to make it easier for those who have not read it to understand, but never repeat the original message in its entirety unless this is absolutely necessary.
6 - Do not fight "opinion wars" on the web by means of messages and counter-messages: if personal invectives exist, these are best settled by e-mail, privately between those involved.
7 - Never ever publish the contents of e-mail messages without the explicit consent of the author.
8 - Do not publish stupid messages or which take the side of one party or the other in an argument. Always read the Frequently Asked Questions relating to the issue in question before sending new queries.
9 - Do not send advertising messages or notices by e-mail unless these have been specifically requested.
10 - Do not be intolerant with people who make syntactic or grammatical errors. Writers are nonetheless asked to upgrade their language to make it understandable for the community.

To the previous rules must be added other criteria which are basically a question of common sense:
A - The web is used as a work tool by many users. None of them have time to waste reading senseless or frivolous messages or of a personal nature, and therefore not of general interest.
B - Any activity that burdens the traffic or services on the web, such as the transfer of large files or sending e-mail messages with attached long files or a large number of addressees deteriorates the overall performance of the web. We therefore recommend these operations be performed so as to reduce their effect on the network to the utmost. In particular, we recommend:
transferring files at times when traffic is low (e.g., during the night, bearing in mind any time zone differences;
do not send large quantities of data by e-mail; indicate (wherever possible) the location (URL) of the data in the message, making this available for down-loading or reference on the web.
C - There are a series of file servers on the web which contain updated copies of documents, software and other objects available on the web. Find out which file server is most accessible for you. If a file is available on the server or locally, there is no reason to take it from the web, engaging the line for no useful purpose and taking longer to download it.
D - The software available on the web could be protected by patents and/or use restrictions of various kinds. Always carefully read the accompanying documents before using, altering or redistributing such software in any way and in any form whatsoever.
E - Clearly improper behaviour on the part of a user, such as:
violating the security of web archives and computers; violating the privacy of other web users, by reading or intercepting their e-mail; jeopardising the operation of the web and web equipment with specially designed programs (viruses, trojan horses, etc.,), is tantamount to electronic crime and as such prosecutable by law.

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