19 Newsletter

...We need your help again!

Dear Nomads

We're currently looking for new sponsors and/or fresh, exciting ideas that would enable the Nomad Community and the Car@van to further spread across the world !

Today the Nomad Community represents more than 2000 nomads across 21 different countries.
The Nomad is not just a web site. It's above all a worldwide voyage open to everybody, an interactive platform of never-ending events taking place around the world.

These interactive events decided by you (vote, forum & chat) can be either Ecological, Sportive, Cultural, Social, Humanitarian, ... the sky is the limit !

After having crossed 10 countries and realized more than 50 events, we would very much like to increase the Nomad's visibity through enhanced audio-visual coverage, but also through civic projects defending environmental, social & Cultural issues.

Maybe you even have some advice or a contact name you wish to give us ?

Thank you for your time.
Please write back and don't hesitate to ask us questions.

Friendly wishes,

The Team

And don't forget that you can find on the site :

FORUM : To discuss, give and receive advice, set appointments and share your trip. argomenti diversi.

CHAT : Every day, 24h/24h, when you want, with your friends, or with all of us every Wednesday and Sunday night from 8.30 pm GMT , we talk about the future of the caravan and propose new events.

EVENTS: Click on the 5 Continents and relive more than 300 days of adventures (with texts and videos)
Soon live again !

LIBRARY I-WORLD : Data Base, with information updated by Nomads all around the World. Search between the 4000 info about the Planet : food, where to stay, transport, services, friends, cool places... Insert your own information and picture. E-mail other nomads across the World.