17th Newsletter

Events around the World, Decisions on the Net

Hi !

We sent you various messages recently, but it seems like some you didn't receive some of them. Here's the last message of Nomad Community.

We just came back from a humanitarian mission in Ethiopia. This action, chosen by 49% of the Community, consisted in the realization of a school project and the animation of an orphanage. Project Ethiopia : Mission Accomplished ! On www.nomadcommunity.org, you can find all the images and texts about this adventure, and, of course, the other events realized around the World. By clicking on the pictures, you will see all the Videos of the Community's Experiences until today. Just go for it !

It's now time for us to continue to expand the Caravan : global decisions for local actions.

The Caravan is a platform that realize events around the World. It's up to you, with your computer, to choose the places to go to and the actions to be done around the Earth.

The Events go from Ecology to Culture, from Humanitarian to Sports, from Adventure to various actions. From the beginning of the year, we have realized more than 40 events on 9 countries on the 9 continents. Our community is mobile and interactive... choose to be a 'virtual traveler' and decide on the site, and/or 'real traveler' and join the Caravan on the road.

We need you to define the next Voting Form and develop this phenomenon always evolving and transforming around the Planet. Join us on the virtual platform www.nomadcommunity.org and share ideas and knowledge with us to lead together actions in any part of the World.

We're expecting you !

Best regards

the Team

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