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Object: the Nomad's platform

Hi Nomad

The Nomad Community has successfully completed its first Interactive Round the World Tour...all this thanks to your on-line interaction allowing the Team Car@van to travel the World and carry out your most voted choices. Nostalgic, or just plain curious? You can revisit memory lane by checking out www.nomadcommunity.org.

As you know, the Team Car@van crossed 5 Continents, 8 countries (South Africa, Lesotho, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Italy), 60 towns and villages... over 80.000 kilometers in all! You were around 51 000 following us on-line during this four month expedition and an amazing 150 of you 'virtuals' turned 'real'. All in all, our on-line voting form provided you with more than 90 options to choose from ... some of your decisions enabled us to carry out more specific projects touching social, ecological issues

Today, we're evaluating technological and logistical means to leave again across the World. We want to create a platform of events (from ecology to culture, from humanitarian/social to sports, from adventure to encounters with various populations).

The next departure is for soon... and we need you to carry on recreating this phenomenon always in movement, evolution and transformation across the Planet. 'Join the Car@van' like many other 'virtuals' and/or 'real' nomads and share your ideas, thoughts, knowledge with what is fast becoming a new nomad community. We meet regularly on www.nomadcommunity.org either on forum or chat.... otherwise feel free to visit and up-grade the i-world with your experiences.

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Every Wednesday and Sunday from 8.30 pm GMT, meet us to talk about the Car@van's evolution.

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