14º Newsletter

Object: some news... Sydney Airport - Australia

We've just checked in for a flight to South America, the Car@van's ultimate destination. Before leaving Oceania, here are some appointments and advices to follow live with the Car@van...

JOURNAL - Monday to Friday, with texts, photos, videos and links.

VOTING FORM - From now, you'll be informed of its publication directly on your e-mail.

FORUM - Play with us,
INSTANT REQUEST : ask us to find / do what you'd like
NOMAD SENTENCE : write your sentences. The best is illustrated once a week on the Journal.

ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP - Organize your trips with other nomads and ask them for help pr advices on the Forum.
For any argument you'd like to know more about, write m NOMAD'S FORUM

CHAT - Remember you can chat 24 hours a day, and meet the Team on Sundays and Wednesdays at 22 h, p.m. GMT. We wait for you !

I WORLD - Already many useful contacts !
Check it to imagine to know what you could do tonight or leave tomorrow.

Have a G'day !

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