13º Newsletter

A message from Asia

I'm writing to you from Tangkong, a small island in the south of Lombok - Indonesia.
You, "Virtual Traveler", sent us here… and for the moment, everything is fine. But there still are two more days to go, we'll wait before shouting for victory!
It's our last week in Asia, before flying to Oceania. The meeting-point is in Darwin to start together the great crossing of the Red Continent, and great News:


THE CAR@VAN READS YOUR SENTENCE - Wrote your Nomadic thoughts on the Forum (max. 2 lines). Every Friday, the Car@van will read on-line (with a video) the week's sentence. Good luck !

INSTANT REQUEST - Tell us your ideas : what to do and where to go, from the Journal and our actual position. The most doable ideas will be realized (ex: go find a friend of yours, having dinner in a place you know, visit a place you're wondering about, find an object for your collection - light and unexpensive !)

LA CHAT - Because of time zones, the chat with the Team takes place at these times:
Until we leave Asia - on the 1st of February - : 1.00 pm GMT, every Wednesdays and Sundays.
When we are in Oceania, from the 2nd of February: 10.00 pm GMT every Wednesday and 1.00 pm every Sunday.
In this way, everybody around the planet can chat with us at a reasonable time.

I WORLD - Our database is growing everyday. Thanks to all the pioneers who participate in the evolution or our small/big World, to make us travel, explore or just live in a different way every day of our life.

VOTING FORM - We just published the last voting form - on-line till the 29th of January 2001.
Choose now the Car@van's future!

Assabbinirica !

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Il Team Car@van