12º Newsletter

A letter from Africa

Dear Friend, I'm writing you from South Africa.
Traveling with the Car@van since about a month, we just went through a rainbow : behind us, the warm sun, and in front, a rain shower; this is not a joke!
Sorry we didn't write earlier, but so much happened: the development of the site, the great departure and the feasts.
But here are some news about the site and the trip:

LE FORUM is on-line. The Team has already inaugurated it with some topics. Go on Forum and leave your own messages.

CHAT: Team will be on-line every Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 pm GMT- for about one hour -

THE INTERACTIVE ROUND THE WORLD TOUR: The Car@van is now in South Africa, since 25 days. Follow our trip from Monday to Friday on the site and choose where we should go and what we should do. The whole trip is archived on-line, Journal, photos & videos, Voting forms. Remember you can always join us physically, when, where and how you want. Details on the Forum -How to join the Car@van-

I WORLD: here, you can insert your own information and advices: from that little restaurant close to your place to this friend who realizes original sculptures and lives on a Greek Island. You can also search for an information and get in touch with the person who inserted it and ask him/her some details.

See you, on the net or on the road

Nomad Community
Il Team Car@van