11º Newsletter


After a long preparation by Nomad People of new era, the Car@van is ready to start the long journey around the world.
Here you are the details:

- Our home www.nomadcommunity.org has knock down doors and taken the roof off houses! Now we are waiting for you to exchange information and knowledge in to the i-World through the Planet.

- The Great Trip starts on Monday 11th December 2000, and as agreed, the destination will be Cape of the Good Hope, South Africa. Once arrived, will be thanks to the Web (soon implemented) that you will be able to conduct our steps and actions to take during the trip. Through the "Daily Journal" videos you will be able to check the casting votes done by the community.

- Remember/Don't forget that if you decide to cross the screen of you pc, we will be physically meeting you on the road to go through the world's streets.

Did the Community has decided the itinerary? The round the Word Tour of the southern hemisphere through the northern hemisphere technology In a 120 day we will be crossing the 5 continents: South Africa, South Asia, Oceania, South America, and Europe.

- the Car@van is your hands, so it's up to you to drive it.

No more words, let's just meet this evening at the chat room and mix up our emotions. See you than at 21:00.

See you soon

Nomad Community

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