10th Newsletter

So…..you're reading me….!!!!!! Well, go on because we will meet :


After meeting in the South and in the centre of Italy, we couldn't miss meeting in the north. Prepare yourself because we will meet Saturday 14th October at 3 o'clock in Milan at the "Museum of Natural History", Palestro Park. Which place could be better than in front of our common relative Lucy (?). Will you be there ? We hope so.


As written in the previous newsletters, we are creating a map of the world with nomad contacts everywhere. In your next trips you'll find on the web new friends on whom you can lean or, vice versa, you could be the focal point for travellers coming from every part of the world. Become "the Nomad" of your city and you'll live new experiences. Tell us where you are and write to vale@nomadcommunity.org


Here we are folks……we are leaving on December !
You may think: I'll never make it, I'm too busy... Well, take it this way: it's the last month of the Millennium and the most precious suitcase you can bring with you is your experience.
One life….live it !!
No more provocation, if you can't leave at the beginning of the trip, don't worry: from the last days of the year to an indefinite period, the Car@van will travel around the world (a phenomenon always on the run, always changing and evolving around the World).
Virtual travellers should switch their modems on, because they will have the responsibility to guide the new People.

Those who are leaving write:
"Hurray, at last I can breathe air of reality !!I can feel this sensation thanks to the Car@van. I hope to join in and, why not, participate to the biggest Ring around the rosy of the world.
I really want to feel myself part of the People I meet on my trip, with their different cultures and habits, just like a Sahara's grain of sand which is blown by the wind in near and far lands. I want to watch starry nights from a tent in the desert, where silence dominates. I'll just have to wait the day of the departure. Silvia SILVIA_IT_97@yahoo.com

4. WEBSITE www.nomadcommunity.org

News on the Net: - At the end of the month we will have the Chat-line, so we can share in real time: daily thoughts, ideas and projects of everyone. We can also share information for meeting, contacts and news from travellers all around the world.....but most of all we can organise our first Big Trip.
- the Forum, soon online, will allow us to discuss important subjects for our People and to decide what to do around the world (see newsletter 9)
- Our Data base, soon online, will give us information on places to stay, where to eat, transportation, contact and services everywhere; thanks to this mean of communication the new Nomad will be able to move all over the planet with the right and useful information.We will travel together ….always !


Our French Nomad friend Aleko has written the first song for the Car@van.For comments please contact aleko@nomadcommunity.org

Here it is:

Well it's been a long time that you've stayed at home
Waiting for something to happen
And it's been a long time that you were all alone
That you were all alone…

Ain it time for you to get up and go
Ain it time for you to listen to your soul

So come on join the Car@van! Join the Car@van!

Like a nomad on the road you will discover the world
Like a nomad of the soul you'll fin the human splendour

So come on join the Car@van! Join the Car@van!

So if you wanna feel free to watch the stars every night
Check out the immensity
So if you wanna feel free to leave as far as your view can see
As far as your view can see

Ain it time for you to get up and go
Ain it time for you to listen to your soul

So come on join the Car@van!! Join the Car@van!


This interpretation of the modern Nomadism has always been my philosophy of life, that I've always carried on in complete loneliness….now you are with me!!  kiri@iol.it

You're great, thank you ! - riccardoiii@multiwire.net

I've been nomad for 15 years (South America and Africa). Now I've returned to Italy and I'm a journalist waiting to leave again.. -  ubalibre@tiscalinet.it

I would like to pour a little drop in this boundless sea of yours.  - anolli@tiscalinet.it

The secret of the trip isn't to look for new lands, but to see with new eyes.  - vgfcola@libero.it

We will be around the World, but always in the centre of it. -  gcristiano@hotmail.com

I really like your idea. The most important aspect of the trip should be the humanitarian and ecological one; I will join in super_ferra@libero.it

Every time I travel it seems to me that one month is longer than 4 months spent at home.  - viciocalo@tiscalinet.it

...Listen to your Rhythm

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