9th Newsletter

Jumbo my friend!
Difficult return home after the summer holidays? Don't worry, we will leave again very shortly.
The following information will mark a turning point for our Community.

Let's make a good start...

1. Real encounters

We have received a lot of Emails asking if after our summer meeting we will have another one in autumn. Well, at that time we believe it is more urgent to create local groups. Now it's your turn: if you want to become "the Nomad" of your area, write to vale@nomadcommunity.org and let me know the name of your town. It will be listed in the site and we will help you organize small-big events before the "Big Trip".

2. "nomadcommunity.org" site

The English and French versions are now on-line... spread the news all over the world, break the borders! The tools for communicating on-line will be soon available on the site... and new surprises ;-)

3. The interactive tour of the world

During the Nomads meeting in South Italy, we have defined the first calendar of events that Car@van will carry out around the world. Tell us what you think of it.

-Safari with nights in tent and campfire in the open
-Truck and freight train transits
-Crossing of deserts, jungles and rivers
-2-3 days trekking
-Sport exploits, extreme adventures
-Boarding on cargo vessels
-Mountain climbing
-Bike and motorbike tours
-Horse, ass, mule and dromedary tours
-Expeditions in off-limits areas

Humanitarian and ecological causes
-animation in schools, hospitals, orphanages
-organization of events and games for children

-responsible tourism camps
-tree planting
-visits to eco-villages
-awareness events
-garbage collection
-visits to ecologically exposed sites

Visits to:
-sites which are declared Mankind Patrimony by United Nations and other cultural interest sites
-National parks and Natural Reserves
-monuments, historical and hemblematical sites

-nomadic tribes, dying people
-local ceremonies, traditions, folklore
-local artists
-collections of music, stories and tales
-Local celebrations and commemorations, feasts

Organization of:
-festivals with native people
-soccer and other sports matches
-starry nights
-animation and games with children
-street artists performances
-the world biggest "Ring around the rosy", submitted to the World Guinness of Records
-theatre shows

We organize meetings with people which are celebrated in the visited country (writers, musicians, actors, painters, chieftains, politicians, sportsmen, self promoting artists)
Global Events:
-Global Hooks: Hunting a Nomad Community representative in the visited country. The long term objective is to have a Nomad Community representative in every area of the world
-Global Party: live party on the net and on the field
-Global Auctions: auction sale on the net of local handiwork, profits will be devolved to charity
-Global Artists: "The Art tours the world", artists from different countries swap works of art
-Global Murales: the Car@van leave the mark. Car@van paints a mural in selected visited sites
-Wanted: what shall we look for: an object, an animal, a person...
-Cool hunter: hunting of new trends, tendencies and fashions around the world
-Take photos of each country taxies: the most international word
-Take photos of three years old children: "Tomorrow's man"
-On net contest to reach the Car@van for free

and what will happen when we have accomplished all of this? Well, we take off for the Nomad Community second step!

Events will be defined according to the choices made by the Virtual Travellers that will be able to play a decisive role in influencing Car@van routes and events (through the vote cards).

4. m@il extracts

I only have limited time for travelling, but I would like my house to be just my backpack - Giovanni Poidomani

Nomad news arrive like a gust of warm wind in these days that are already becoming dark and cold - npetrig@tin.it

I wish I could be the multimedia grandmother of this venture. I am back from a two month cargo in Brazil and Argentine - Fiammetta Positano

Give the World the best you have
& the best will come back to you

Nomad Community