8th Newsletter

This summer some of us improvised a Real meeting at the seaside in the centre of Italy.
Let me tell you: many positive waves have arisen from this meeting: never ending stories on the beach, good meals, made up shows... we have even caught an 8 kilos tuna-fish.
During these conversations many considerations have arisen on the first trip of our Nomad Community.
Here is a summary in the form of FAQ:

Why participate to the interactive world tour?

It's the first step of the new Nomads. It's a human, cultural, social, technological, historical event.
It's the first global interactive event to discover the world through the eyes of a new people.

Why now?

For the first time this bet is practicable and can be realized thanks to the contemporary technology for a globalization with a human face to enter together in the third millennium because in the southern hemisphere it will be summer time.


To let everybody take part in this event of discovery and share of the world.
The objective of the real travellers is to create the "Nomad Car@van of the new Millennium", a phenomenon which is always changing.
The objective of the "Virtuals" is to feed the www.nomadcommunity.org site and a link between the Virtual and the Real traveller all around the world together, toward a global world.

Who is the "Real Traveller"?

Virtual Travellers who choose to become Real ones.
People met on the place.
Artists who promote themselves through the event.
Local people who help and interact with the Car@van.
Travellers who meet the Car@van and join it for a leg.

Who is the "Virtual Traveller"?

Someone who wants to try the first Interactive around the world tour.
Someone who wants to participate to a Global Community.
Someone who wants to win the trip to physically reach the Car@van.
Ordinary people who want to participate to a world game.

Who is the new Nomad?

People who absorb and sow different knowledge and languages, without taking root in a compelled and stereotyped identity. They use technology, before technology uses them. Their characteristics are: flexibility, open mind, cosmopolitanism, co-operation, sense of sharing with other people and nature.

What shall I do to join the Car@van?

Nothing, you just have to join the Nomad People, when, how and where you want; on the field or on the net, and share the adventure.

How do travellers joining the Car@van get organized?

At www.nomadcommunity.org they will find all the information they need. From now to October we will work on tuning instruments and contents.

What about the life in the field?

The Car@van travels like a platform of wide and changing experiences, a melting pot, a catalyzed lab with different levels of utilization and share. Travellers and local people will join the Car@van and give rise to music and theatre performances and travelling productions spread all over the world. The Real Travellers, in accordance with Virtual Travellers requests, will be able to organize events, meetings on ecological humanitarian and social subjects; games (e.g. a Guinness of records "ring around the rosy"; to carry out sport exploits, or decide whether to sleep in the open or to tell how suites of the only available hotel look like. These decisions and events follow an exact layout of the trip.

Where do we stay?

Each real traveller chooses what he wants to eat, how to move and where to sleep. On the web site he will find every kind of practical information: prices, trip procedure to reach the Car@van. The technical team will fully and constantly support him. The Real Traveller will share on the field every event of the Nomad People.

How can I become a Virtual Traveller?

One month before departure you will receive a confirmation email and you'll be ready to participate to the Interactive World Tour.

How are the stops chosen?

By a "vote card" prepared by the Car@van Team, every other day and according to the travel schedule, to Virtual Travellers indications and to the suggestions of the people met on the field.

How does the "vote card" works?

Every three days a "vote card" will be published on this site, this card will summarize the situation on the field (by video, audio and text) and the possible options for the tour will be highlighted. They will be split into - Explore: the Car@van interacts in the site where it is situated - Continue: the Car@van proceeds with the trip, North South East or West direction can be chosen. The most voted option (clicked) will be followed. The "Collective Intelligence" will decide the Nomad People first steps.

Are there other decision possibilities besides the "vote card"?

You can give suggestions and give additional information on the site board, in the newsgroup, in the forum and chat line. There will also be a "Speaker Corner", real and on the net, where all travellers can express their points of view and opinions.
They will be able to report interesting topics, readings, movies, or any other subject related to the logistics, cultural and geographical matters regarding the site where the group is. Or else one could ask to visit a friend, look for an object or a secret place.

Where are the travel agencies where I can book the Interactive World Tour?

You dont' book the Interactive World Tour in a travel agency. It is not a package offered by a tour operator but an adventure that is fed by the "Collective Intelligence". On this web site you will find all the addresses by which you can organize your trip to reach the Car@van, from a very low budget to a luxury one.

And now we are waiting for your questions!

Email extracts:

With Nomad we are casting people towards the new spaces of absolute fruition of a new identity: the Total Rover, unexpressed animal by the sedentary societies, in faithful symbiosis with the myth of Nature expressed in the old paganism and with a more and more intimate need for new life experiences. Show up. sergiopresciutti@hotmail.com

I have been impressed by the success of the World Youth Day! It was really an international trip and I realized that for us youngsters the world is just a village!!! We could really breathe our global spirit - samenggist@hotmail.com

...travelling is a necessity that spouts from my willingness to face new situations, understand my reactions to a new context where I am an unknown, without landmarks, without limits. I like feeling uncertain and alone, but also open and willing to know others and myself. Just back from Australia I am carrying on with the "nomad pact" I made with myself: I'll never go back to the same place until I have visited the places I want to visit. ruschetti@alessi.com

Lately you are strongly entered into my life. At this point I couldn't make a step without "meeting" you. Let me explain. Recently I revealed to a friend of mine my will to make a world tour. He mentioned your name citing your ideas and your projects. It was like a spring going off, every moment I was thinking to the freedom of the trip and to the "nomad" spirit. Besides, I read of this new initiative of the Community. In short, one way or the other, Nomad is running after me (or I am running after you). ruggerotagliabue@libero.it

I also would like to live this adventure with you!
It nearly frightens me... if I consider how the spirit of your group looks like myself.
I wait for inputs and dreams. cosettina@mail.omnitel.it

Feel part of it!

A big hug, waiting for your interactions.

Nomad Community