6th Newsletter

Hi Traveller,
I hope that your walk is giving you plenty of energy and power.
Dear Nomad, our Community is going in the right way and the horizon is becoming wider and wider.

In this newsletter, you will find some important news... and especially about our first meeting.

1. The first real meeting

Let's get together at the end of September. Help us in choosing the day of the "Party" of the New Nomadic People: two days where for the first time our ways will be one way. Those will be the days dedicated to the 5 senses in contact with the 4 elements.
We don't know yet where: (on the beach, in the hills, on a farmhouse or country house) the idea is to find an easy place to reach. Each country could try to find its own place. If you know a place tell us the location as soon as possible.

Extend the invitation to anybody, friends, colleagues, mammy and grandma. We are going to take the pictures... that will be used by the media All Around the World.

2. First Event: the Interactive Round the World Tour

We have received e-mails with information on the countries and culture of out itinerary. That's Good! During your holidays, please collect information that could be helpful. I remind you the itinerary: South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Argentina - Chile - Australia - Indonesia... But as you know the Virtual Travellers will decide! So, New Zealand? Why not, it's just on the road from Chile to Australia!

3. Back Newsletter

@ www.nomadcommunity.org you can find the file of the previous newsletters in English and Italian. Marcos mapkoc@latinmail.com is working on the translation in Spanish! If you know a foreign language, we are waiting for your help. Tell other people about it... and soon you'll receive more and more news!

4. The Notice Board

We had a lot of feed back for the "relay race" proposed by Marco (see newsletter n.4), so now it's your turn. If you are really interested to realise this challenge, you can join the special list writing to Marco marcanti@tiscalinet.it and to vale@nomadcommunity.org, Marco, now it's up to you, keep us in touch.

5. Extracts of E-Mails

On the next newsletter "your scripts from the wind". Read them where you like: by the sea, on the mountains, in the jungle, in a desert, under a palm or on a camel, in front of your computer or under the stars... to feel your Nomadic soul, and to be part of the New Nomadic People born in the Interactive Era.

We wait for your smoke signals!

Freedom and Skills are inside you!

Nomad Community
Matteo Pennacchi