5th Newsletter

Hey, how are you doing?
Please read this short note about culture and inspirations.
The New Nomads are placed at the top of the historical scale of evolution.
Let's start with our History...

The first explorers by land and by sea (from Phoenician people to Magellan) had the desire to discover the unknown, to cross the limits of the cultural certitudes of those days
The pioneers of the new World tried to find a better way of life: freedom and autonomy
The traveller-explorers of the Victorian times were curious to learn something different from themselves, and they wanted to be free
The globetrotters on the road of the '60 '70's, were opened to new experiences, new levels of consciousness; they tried to find a new spirituality and refused the social homologation
The expatriates accepted to live away from their countries and to compare themselves with other cultures.
Today the New Nomad needs to get in touch with different knowledge and languages ; he doesn't have a constrictive and stereotyped identity. He goes from "on the road" to "global roads". He moves conscious of his professional skills. The characteristics of the new nomad are: flexibility, open mind, cosmopolitanism, co-operation, the need of sharing out the other and the nature.
Today for the first time, all the elements to realise this "new project of nomadic life" are existing.

Nomad Community


You wake up every morning in a different place. You get out of your tent and there is a new day in front of you; you stretch yourself in the fresh air; you find again the simplicity of breathing and living.

Man goes out for growing up, comes in to die.

The Nomad never gets lost!

We don't refuse the system, but we try to modify it from inside.

We want to be nomads of the ideas and tramps of the experiences.

When you leave you know that anywhere you are, the means of communication allow you to be linked to the centre of the Earth.

There are different sorts of Nomads: those travelling with their mind and those travelling with their body. Surfing on the wave of digital data or going though the Earth.

The important thing to know is that you can decide to stay or to leave, but you are always a part of a nomadic community that travels through the World.

With the Interactive Round the World Tour, we want to see what happens if we use the best of technology and communication systems to realise our desire of knowledge, experiences and sharing... Let's start with a Round the World Tour opened to Anybody

Knight errant, the Nomad dares.

The progress is founded on sciences and technologies, we are the spirit of the human being

We are helping the exchanges between people, more than controlled communication

The survival of the New Nomad is not founded on the research for a pasture but on the information

Information for knowledge - Free to be

Information for moving - Be free

I know you are thinking... why do they send me this mail?... well... I don't know ;-)
In a few days the newsletter number 6, in September, the first meeting and important news very soon!

Nomad Community
Matteo Pennacchi