4th Newsletter

Sorry for the delay of this 4th newsletter... but as you will read forward, these last news are very important. Our first trip together is under construction and the Nomad Community is working for and with you. So wake up and come with us, you will see big things!

Now... take a few minutes for you to look inside the Soul of the New People, without thinking of something else ...

1. Shared decisions

From your first suggestions, we can start to organise our "Interactive Round the World Tour" .

From Italy, the Nomads Car@van will travel through the South Hemisphere. The first 3 destinations you like the most are: 1. South Africa: the country symbol of Humans Rights - 2. Patagonia: the big territory of Silence - 3. Australia: the New Continent, Earth of the future.
The itinerary could be: South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Argentina - Chile - New Zealand - Australia - Indonesia and back to Europe (but remember, the Virtual Travellers give the directions, so the itinerary could change). Do you know those countries, places, people, events, transports, news? Tell us everything !!!

When: We don't know yet the date of the departure, but we would like to leave between the two millenniums.
November 2000, maybe?
For how long: we have chosen to make the Round the World Tour in about 120 days - that means, 4 months!

Team Car@van.
During the Round the World Tour, the real Travellers will lean on the Technical Team, of 6 / 7 persons: a Logistic - Director and Photographer - Audio/Video Technician - Computers and Telecommunications - Web reporter - Entertainer and Journalist. These people will have several objectives:
1. They will be the link between the real travellers on the field and the virtuals on the web.
2. They will organise events round the world.
3. They will help those who join the Car@van.
4. They will promote the Nomad Tribe across the Earth.

2. Web Site

Ok for a place opened to everyone, like a circular tent (majlco@tin.it), simple, sunny, full of boxes to fill up with the information for real travellers but also for virtual ones. Our site will soon be ready, where everybody gives, receives and shares with others. If you are an Internet expert or a smart surfer, tell us about your discoveries, add the last real interactive site or a new version of a tool on line.

3. Shorts News

- The Italian weekly magazine Espresso published an article about Nomad Community and the Interactive Round the World Tour.
- We are looking for people for the Team Car@van, the next newsletter will tell you more.
- We may find a big sponsor that will pay all the technical support for the trip and create our web site.

4. The Notice Board

This box is for new ideas or news received by the Nomad Community. We will see together what could happen.
We start with the suggestion of Marco marcanti@tiscalinet.it. What do you think about it?

Why don't we start now with a "relay race" waiting for the real "Interactive Round The World Tour"? We choose to visit someone (but not your sister!!!) with a message (in a bottle), then this one chooses to visit a second one with a new message and so on ... At every meeting, the two people will write something on the web site. We could start organising a mailing list, so you can choose the next person to visit from this list. I'm dreaming about a real big rendez-vous Italy /New Zealand !!!!

5. Binomial of the Trip part II

Thanks to andrea.call@panservice.it; milpc@hotmail.com; xbebdan@hotmail.com; michebara@libero.it; vale@nomadcommunity.org; the Totem of the Trip is growing up, here are some new binomials
exchange of file
hands on the keyboard
exchange of info
feet on the road

But why don't we go on, try to place the four elements of nature in the Totem: Wind - Fire - Water - Earth?

Don't be afraid going on slowly,
just be worried to stop

Nomad Community
Matteo Pennacchi