1st Newsletter

with a small international team, we've constituted Nomad Community " the First Nomad Tribe born in the Interactive Era". It's a real Tribe, that travels the Globe and creates events all over the World. If you feel like a New Nomad, we would like to involve you on the evolution of this New Tribe: we are few and only at the beginning, but itís Big Challenge! With the contribution of ideas, knowledge and thoughts of each, we are settling and growing up a human Tribe that travels the World sharing experiences and itineraries.

So, here we are with the first NEWSLETTER: a short passage on the definition of the New Nomad and then a few questions to develop together our First Step.

From the beginning of the human species and for 2 million years People were Nomads.
They were based on the search of pasture land, fishing and hunting.

10 thousand years ago the big permanent civilization started to develop.
They were based on the domain of the territory and on urban constructions.

Today a New Nomadism is taking place,
based on the search of experiences and the sharing of information.

The New Nomad moves in search of knowledge and new itineraries. He grows up travelling through the globe or surfing on the web.

The Habitat of the New Nomad is the World. He doesn’t have frontiers of movement or communication barriers.

The Culture of the New Nomad is Global. So-called "third culture", it is not just the culture of his family or his social environment, but a mix of knowledge and customs.

The Treasure of the New Nomad is not based on material property, but on his experiences and knowledge. His wealth lives in his Being.

The Power oof the New Nomad is not to submit the others, but it is based on his ability of sharing.

The Means of the New Nomad are transport and telecommunications. He uses technology to reach his purpose of freedom of movement and expression.

Nomad Community Nomad Community joins together the Nomad People born on the Interactive Era.

Do you share these ideas? If yes, follow your Nomadís mind; join us building the future of the New Nomad Tribe! Which values would you like to see live all over the World, and what would you like to change? What do you think about organizing a "Round the World Tour" open to everybody (through the interaction of physical and virtual travellers)? Do you have other ideas? Tell about this Community to your "Traveller Companions" and invite them to be part of the Tribe. With your answers and your suggestions we are going to create the next Newsletter and organise Our First Step !

We hope we’ve excited your curiosity or maybe created more confusion in your mind, tell us something anyway. The adventure is just at the beginning.

Take care and see you soon ;-)

Nomad Community
Matteo Pennacchi