Nº 18
The Community has chosen to carry out a humanitarian project (40%) in Africa (18%). The Team is now contacting local organizations, in order to find valuables on the field actions. Choose with your vote which project you want to be carried out and where. Follow this humanitarian trip on the Net, then meet up with the Car@van on its next trip across the World (voting form n19). Were counting on you !

  27.42% - Teach in a school and participate in the animation of an orphanage
  22.04% - Ethiopia "We are the World"
  19.89% - Participate in the creation of wells and irrigation systems
  17.74% - Carry out a preventive campaign against diseases
  6.99% - Senegal "The road of slaves"
  5.91% - Mozambique "Facing the floods"
The realisation of the most voted choice will be documented on the
Journal section in about 3 days