Nº 5
Voting Form n4 - Continue - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! About the % of Explore, we have learned a local dance with the children! Our stay in South Africa is about to end. We only have 120 days to do the Round the Wold Tour and so much more things to see. We would like to stay more in Lesotho, but to reach Johannesburgh - the closest place to take a flight towards East - there is still a long road. Tell us the best place and what to do before we leave for the next Continent!

  36.17% - Realize a mural painting 'Nomad' before our departure
  23.4% - Meet the Jesuit Uncle of Theo and be blessed in a Cathedral
  19.15% - Stop at the last South African Park: at the Golden Gate Highlands... in search for gold !?
  17.02% - Plant a tree in Johannesburgh
  4.26% - Go directly to Johannesburg without stopping
The realisation of the most voted choice will be documented on the
Journal section in about 3 days