Nº 4
Form n3- Continue - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! About the % of Explore, we desperately tried to approach a zebra's tail...in vain, mission failed! Now, make your choice, and remember you can vote only once: either Continue or Explore. We have a lot of fun discovering the voting results, but please try not to be too hard with us... when you become real, you'll have to submit to the Virtual People's decisions!

  34.09% - Enter the unknown and mysterious Kingdom of Lesotho
  31.82% - Learn a local dance
  15.91% - Launch a big kite on the top of a mountain
  9.09% - Organize a match of soccer Africa - Rest of the World
  9.09% - Continue to the North, towards the Natal Region
The realisation of the most voted choice will be documented on the
Journal section in about 3 days